Drew County, Arkansas


Where do I get a marriage license and what do I need?

Marriage licenses are available from the Drew County Clerk's office. The cost is $60, which must be paid in cash as the office does not take checks, debit or credit cards. Both parties have to be present to apply, and couples are encouraged to come in at least a week prior to their wedding date. Persons desiring to be married must be at least 18 years of age, or they must have parental consent. They must bring a current driver's license or government-issued identification card, and must provide their Social Security number. Birth certificates are not required, and there is no waiting period. Licenses are good for 60 days and may be picked up the day after the application is filed.

Once the ceremony is performed, the license must be returned to the county clerk's office so that it may be recorded. The original license and certified copies may be picked up the next day. Certified copies are available at no charge for the couple to use in such matters as obtaining new driver's licenses or Social Security cards, as well as adding spouses to insurance or providing proof of marriage to meet job or armed services requirements.

Couples must make their own arrangements to find an authorized person to perform their wedding ceremony. 

For more information, call the county clerk's office at 870-460-6260.