Drew County, Arkansas


    P.O. Box 505 | Monticello, AR 71657 | (870) 367-4400

    The city of Monticello was founded in 1849 and is presumably named after the Virginia home of President Thomas Jefferson. Also, many early settlers in Drew county were families who were originally from Virginia. The town was incorporated in 1852, and is the home of the University of Arkansas at Moniticello.

    City Contacts

    Name Position Email Phone Fax
    Joe Rogers Mayor Email Joe Rogers 367-4400
    Andrea Chambers Clerk/Treasurer Email Andrea Chambers 367-4400
    P. Luevonda Ross District Judge Email P. Luevonda Ross 367-4420
    Whit Barton City Attorney Email Whit Barton 367-6288
    Eddy Deaton Police Chief Email Eddy Deaton 367-3411
    Kelly Reid Fire Chief Email Kelly Reid 367-5433
    L.M. Wood Water Superintendent Email L.M. Wood 367-4400
    Charlie Hammock Wastewater Superintendent Email Charlie Hammock 367-4400
    Ricky Calhoun Parks, Recreation Director Email Ricky Calhoun 367-4400
    Carolyn Brown Council Member - Ward 2 Email Carolyn Brown 367-6689
    Tim Chase Council Member - Ward 4 Email Tim Chase 367-7399 (H), 367-1123 (W)
    Claudia Hartness Council Member - Ward 2 Email Claudia Hartness 367-7896 (H), 460-1179 (W)
    Raymond Hubbard Council Member - Ward 3 Email Raymond Hubbard 367-5121 (H)
    Beverly Hudson Council Member - Ward 4 Email Beverly Hudson 367-7333 (H), 367-6125 (W)
    Cedric Leonard Council Member - Ward 1 Email Cedric Leonard N/A
    Joe Meeks Council Member - Ward 3 Email Joe Meeks 460-0871
    Al Peer Council Member - Ward 1 Email Al Peer 367-8216 (H), 226-6774

    City Demographics

    Population: 9457